Have you ever watched Running Man?

Well, there are two kinds of Running Man, either The Running Man‘s Arnold Schwarzenegger, which I never watched before and have no intention to watch it, or Running Man South Korean variety show. The one that I want to talk about is the second one, which was the first show that introduced me to South Korean variety world.

THIS is the one I want to talk about. Even though the poster shows the old member formation.

South Korean itself is famous with its music, as you know as KPop.

Yes, sinuside! KPop from my generation.

Or Super Junior. My sister used to love them. Now she has “tobat” about her extreme behaviour. I adore SuJu for their excellent variety skill – which is normally found in second generation Korean Idol.

People also like to watch its telenovela or KDrama.

You know SongSongCouple from this KDrama. Honestly, I only watch this drama from all gifs people keep throwing in tumblr.

You know the term “Ahjussi Rasa Oppa” from this KDrama. I don’t know anything. I only adore Lee Dong Wook from this thing (and his variety skill is soooo gooood!)

No doubt to foreigner that they also know Running Man. It’s like the door which made South Korea variety world was recognized internationally. But, it’s very small amount indeed who know about South Korean variety, which will be named for now and forward as koreanvariety.

At first, I only knew Running Man. Then, I looked up more about each member and Running Man itself which enriched my knowledge into Family Outing, Infinity Challenge, and more. There were also several variety show that I used to know from friends, like We Got Married (especially Seohyun SNSD and Yonghwa CN Blue several years ago-but yeah, the show ended last year), Crime Scene (I love this show! We have to guess who the murder is. But it is a seasonal show, only 12 episodes every year). Even there were many variety show to watch in streaming website, but I didn’t fall into anything else as I’m afraid it wouldn’t suit to my taste. As the time goes by, I realize that I only love the funny and the intelligent ones.

The problem is not all Running Man and Infinity Challenge’s episodes are funny to me. It was all started when there were changes, like when the core idea of Running Man was not as challenging as it used to be (starting from 100-ish episode) and after the seven-members-formation of Infinity Challenge were ruined (by themselves). And I don’t want to waste my time to watch the uninteresting ones. Yet, if I only watch the ones that I want to watch, there’s only a little choices left. And still, I have to watch it all first to decide which one is funny.

This was the formation when IC used to be funny. After Noh Hong Chul and Gil left for drunk driving controversy, IC fans are still devastated til now.

Moreover, as you all know, I love researching things deeply. I find it interesting to know more about the members of the show, the controversy, behind the scenes, their real lives which mostly are different from their character in the show, and more about it. Even I use the famous search engine, I am not be able to know the most update version of the news if I haven’t known.

And yes, I don’t have any friends who are into korean variety as keen as me.

That was the time I know for sure that I need some places which I can get more information about it, the newest things I can gain, with those people who also eager to discuss about this specific topic. Because there are many many many people who like KPop and KDrama, and I know there are online portals which people can talk about it freely and happily, but not to korean variety.

And yes people, Korean Variety is MUCH MORE different with KDrama. And I hate to be called as KDrama fans because honestly I don’t like to watch KDrama. Too much drama indeed.

That’s why I need this: r/koreanvariety.

Hello, reddit!

I found it a year ago; I think it’s impossible to be more than a year because the one who introduce Reddit to me was my husband. And the time which I like to open Reddit is when we lived in England. Now I still can access Reddit from Indonesia using several tools, like Hola for my phone and DNSCrypt for my laptop.

And I couldn’t be happier than ever. All I ask for is fully served.

In this community, I find many benefits regarding my interest in Korean Variety. I can get information about all kinds of variety show that have been and still are aired on Korean Broadcast TV Channel. There are lots of people who watch them thus have competence to discuss and share their opinion about the show; which really helps me to choose between one to another should I follow and enjoy every week or just binge watching. Also from those discussion, it broadens my knowledge about variety show, thus nowadays I expand my watching-ability from RM-IC to more advance level, such as Na PD’s works (2 Days 1 Night season 1, New Journey To The West and all the Spin Offs, and more).

I just finished binge watching New Journey To The West from Season 1 to Season 4. I also has finished watching Kang’s Kitchen. I miss them already… (maybe it’s time for me to use my nursing time to be more useful, like reading books, perhaps?)

I also can get information about where I could get English Subtitle of the shows I would want to watch. For example, Problematic Man – shows about intelligent men in one room who would solve problem and more to it – which I never found the English version of this show, Reddit offers all. Even there is no softsub in it, hardsub is available which is the proven of fans hard work. Reddit provides link if you want to stream the episode or just download it right away. But don’t get your expectation high about the subtitle. Sometimes there are no subtitle to some entertaining show just because there are only few people who are able to dedicate their Korean-English language ability, time and effort to make it all work.

There are also thread to talk about various things; you can ask all about anything! People like to ask about songs used in some show’s background music. Or about older episodes which they would like to revisit. Or analyze the situation of variety star who has behaviour changes. Or just about anything.

People also like to talk about latest news of Variety Star. Well, I’ll put it simply: all about Variety Star’s gossips. Like when Kim Joo Hyuk died of accident last October, exactly one day before SongSongCouple Wedding (which I found it not so interesting). FYI, Kim Joo Hyuk was former member of 2D1N season 3 who I thought very amusing. He was an actor who suddenly fell into entertainment industry starting from 2D1N. He was also on his prime: he was successful on all of his movies after all this time, he planned to get married with his long-time girlfriend. He just got started. And suddenly he was gone. It was a devastating news to all of us.

2 Days 1 Night without Kim Joo Hyuk. He left about two or three years ago because he wanted to focus on his acting career. Well, join entertainment industry can make your character ruined for sure.

For those shows which I watch frequently, I like to get information when the newest episodes come out. And how about the rating, because yes, we would like to know if Korean people like to watch it or not. Because if there are low rating continuously, the show can get cancelled immediately. I will also know whether the episode is funny or not; based on how people react to it. Don’t worry if you don’t want to get spoiler, there is spoiler tag to hide all of those. If the episode is not funny, I just skip it this week and wait for next week’s episode to be released.

It was like getting myself a gem when I joined this community, even if I am just being Silent Reader. Well, sometimes I upvote or downvote some threads or comments. I love having more information about those variety shows I’d like to enjoy in my spare time.

Wow, I blab myself too much, don’t I?

Wish it can give you enough material about Korean Variety. Remember: IT’S SO MUCH DIFFERENT WITH KDRAMA OKAY! I don’t like to get myself crying for two hours of watching dramas and two hours more and more. I find KDrama drags time and place too long and far away. Meanwhile KVariety is much simpler. In fact, you can pause the episode after one session or on anytime you want without having pressure of the curiosity to watch the rest.

Currently, r/koreanvariety holds an 2017 Award Ceremony and you can give vote directly! (only if you are one of those people who like variety show). You can participate by opening this Reddit’s thread. Only until Jan 16th 2018. If you want to know more about Korean Variety, please stop by to r/koreanvariety.

All thanks to this community who introduce me to New Journey To The West and Knowing Bros, I Live Alone, My Ugly Duckling, all of those shows which I just like to read the discussion, not watch all of it because I don’t have much time, which successfully made me switch from Yoo line to Kang line, even I still love Yoo Jae Suk more than Kang Ho Dong. Hell, I love both of them!

One of Kang line: Knowing Bros! You can watch it from Netflix US which is named as Ask Us Anything.

I wish I could study Korean Language more in the future.

–All images are taken from those Korean infotainment website, such as Drama Fever, AllKpop, etc.–