I think it was 2 or maybe 3 years ago when I heard the term “Podcast” for the first time.  For you who have never heard this term before, Podcast is like a radio, but you can listen to it any time you want. It’s like a recorded radio, in fact, many of Podcast are from Radio programmers. Moreover, when I was working as Social Media Analyst and reading lots of articles about the best method to promote your products, many suggested that you should create a Podcast. At that time, I really have no idea why Podcast is so popular and why people even listen to Podcast. I’m not an avid radio listener, maybe that’s the reason why I don’t connect to the idea of creating a Podcast. Not until now, when I have to spend between 40 minutes-1 hours a day on commute, and I was mind-blowing by the benefit of Podcast.

I tried it for the first time after reading a post on r/Entrepreneur. There was a user who was asking what entrepreneur Podcast are people listening to and one of the answer was “How I Built This” by Guy Raz. I didn’t try it at that time, but then I listened to this podcast in the morning on the next day on my commute time to the university. The thing is, I spend most of my commute time for the last 5 months listening to music from Apple Music, since my trial period have end and I have no intention to pay, I have nothing to listen to and I hate it. I don’t like walking and doing nothing, so I gave Podcast a try and oh boy, I really really love it and even wonder where I have been all this time. I kind of regret why I’ve spent my commute time in the last 5 months listening to music instead of Podcast. I’m not saying that Music is bad, no, I still enjoy it, but Podcast give me something that Music didn’t offer, knowledge.

Waiting for the bus can be frustating

Waiting for the bus can be frustrating (source)

Right now, I listen to Podcast mostly during my commute time, when I was cooking, or when I was washing the dishes. However, if you ask me which time is my favorite, I would say the commute time. It is because when I was commuting, I’ve got nothing to do so I can concentrate on listening to the podcast, it’s better from reading on my phone because it makes me dizzy. Another point that makes Podcast different from music, you need to sort of process what you’re listening to, unlike Music which you can just enjoy it without having to think about it. Once, I try to listen to Podcast when I was studying, it didn’t work, because in both activities you need to think, and you can’t multitask on thinking.

One thing to consider if you want to listen to Podcast is mobile data. If you want to listen to Podcast, there are two choices that you can pick, either you can stream it on the way or you can download it beforehand. If you want to stream it, make sure you have enough mobile data quota from your carrier. For example, an episode of How I Built This 30-40 minutes and it takes around 30-40 MB. If you don’t want to spend your mobile data, you can download it when you have Wi-Fi connection, some apps allow you to do this.

What to Listen

The first Podcast episode that I listened to was a story about Honest Tea company that was founded by Seth Goldman in 1998. The story was interesting because at that time, there was no one who was selling organic company and Seth saw this as an opportunity. However, it didn’t go well initially as many retailers refused to sell his product because the product was strange. The retailers thought that tea supposed to be sweet and no one will buy organic tea. As other good entrepreneurship stories go, the organic tea finally took off and finally it was acquired by The Coca Cola Company (40% in 2008 and the rest in 2011).

Several interesting points about this story were first, even after raising several funds, Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff (his cofounder who also happened to be his professor at Yale School of Management) still manage to own more than 90% of company’s shares. Second, there was a time when the company made a mistake that almost make them bankrupt. And third, during the US Election period in 2008, one of the candidate was found to be a customer and get attacked by his opponent because of it.  If you want to know how they manage to keep their share, what is the mistake that almost kill them, and who is the president candidate that become their customer, you can listen to the story yourself in this link. I’m not going to tell you here :p


Freakonomics Radio (source)

Besides “How I Built This”, I also listen to “Freakonomics Radio” Podcast by the famous Stephen Dubner.  I don’t know how to explain what this podcast is about, because it discusses so many thing, as their tagline say “Exploring the hidden side of everything”. Until now, they already aired 274 podcast episodes which make me think they are one of the oldest Podcast program. Since they already have 274 episodes, I don’t listen to every episode, I just play an episode which I have interested in.

So far, I only have those two Podcast programs on my list. I’m still looking for marketing podcast but I haven’t found one that I like. I’m still a newbie in this Podcast world and if you have any Podcast program that you like, please let me know. I’ll be very happy if you have something for me. In the meantime, I will look up the Podcast list from Buffer team (I adore them, one the most inspiring startup), they have a long list of awesome podcast and I’ll update this post if I found my new favorite Podcast.

How to Listen  

It’s very easy to listen to Podcast, if you have any music app installed on your phone like Apple Music or Spotify, I believe they have a Podcast section in which you can search for any Podcast program. Or, you can install a dedicated Podcast app on your phone, currently I use Podcast Addict (download here) and so far it does the job well. Using this app, you can search for Podcast program and you can also download the episode so you can listen it without spending any mobile data.

So, that’s all from me now. If you got any question, or maybe suggestion about an awesome Podcast program, please leave a comment, I’ll be happy to answer.  Thanks and see you on the next article 🙂